Brand Spankin' New Mark Mothersbaugh Christmas CD

Greetings Spuds!!!

This Monday, 11 October 1999, at Noon Pacific Daylight Time

[1900 UTC], Rhino Handmade will begin taking orders for our

sixth release.

The Rhino Handmade Institute Of Petromusicology is very

pleased to announce the release of MARK MOTHERSBAUGH's new

Christmas album (yes, you can stop rubbing your eyes, a

Christmas album) entitled 'Joyeux Mutato'.

This is NOT a reissue.

This is NOT something we found hidden away in one of our

marvelous Archives.

This is a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW jammed-packed compact disc of

1999 recordings still so fresh and crisp from Mark's keyboard

that you can taste the ebony and the ivory.

Written, performed and produced by MARK MOTHERSBAUGH, 'Joyeux

Mutato' began life as a series of compositions to accompany

an upcoming art installation but, as you will hear, it has

blossomed into a quite splendiferous collection of Mr

MOTHERSBAUGH's own unique interpretations of traditional

Yuletide standards.

Jubilant. Melodic. Rhythmic. Celebratory. Hummable.

In many places, even quite Danceable.

It's primarily instrumental. But many tracks have sampled

voices. And one track even has Mr MOTHERSBAUGH singing his

own unique version of 'Silent Night'. And it all is, as you

can imagine and to use the expected phrase, completely and

delightfully "mutated".

Christmas has never sounded so wonderfully devolved.

Most folks probably know that Mr MOTHERSBAUGH was a founding

member of DEVO. (And, of course, still performs with them on

those rare, wonderful occasions DEVO gets together to make

music.) But Mr MOTHERSBAUGH has also composed music for

countless commercials. And he has written and performed, and

continues to write and perform, music for television programs

(such as 'Rugrats' and 'Pee Wee's Playhouse'), for video

games, and for motion pictures (such as 'Rushmore' and 'Happy

Gilmore'). In addition to composing, Mr MOTHERSBAUGH is also

an eclectic visual artist and his illustrations fill 'Joyeux

Mutato' from cover to cover.

And speaking of the cover, 'Joyeux Mutato' is packed in a

very fuzzy, very deliciously tactile, very bright red package

which makes The Archivists instantly think that stuff they

use to make flocked Christmas trees. It has been imprinted

(actually Manufacturing Central tells us its called

'debossed') with an illustration of Mr MOTHERBAUGH's titled

"Booji Boy Visited By The Floatato Christmas Gift". And the

folder inside contains three Christmas stories written by the

certainly versatile Mr MOTHERSBAUGH.

There are only two ways you will be able to get MARK

MOTHERSBAUGH's 'Joyeux Mutato' this year: (1) Wait until

December and hope you are on Mr MOTHERSBAUGH's personal

Christmas mailing list or (2) be one of the first 5,000

Netizens to order it from Rhino Handmade. And, as with all

Rhino Handmade titles, the copies of 'Joyeux Mutato'

available from The Archivists will be individually-numbered

for your acute collecting pleasure. The ones Mr MOTHERSBAUGH

sends to his friends won't be.

MARK MOTHERSBAUGH 'Joyeux Mutato' will be available in an

individually-numbered limited edition of 5,000 (five

thousand) copies.

It is NOT AVAILABLE in any store on the planet.

It is available ONLY from Rhino Handmade.

It is available ONLY on The Internet at:

And sound samples for every track are on the Rhino Handmade


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