Greetings Earthling!

Have you ever decided that you were going to clean out the garage in an

afternoon and end up with an unanticipated endeavor that takes weekend

after weekend after weekend?

And in which you find yourself so deeply involved that you cannot abandon

your task yet, at the same time, realize that there is no speedy

resolution to it?

This is what happened when we decided to take what was originally

intended to be a four-week hiatus at the end of last year.

What we envisioned as a simple renovation at The Institute which would

take only the four or five weeks of hiatus to do turned into something

which took over four months to conclude.

But it is, finally and blessedly, now over.

I am very pleased to tell you that this Monday, 8 May 2000, at Noon

Pacific Daylight Savings Time [1900 UTC], Rhino Handmade will begin

taking orders for our 2-CD compilation of DEVO rarities entitled 'Recombo


As you may have already noticed from our previous releases, The

Archivists at The Rhino Handmade Institute Of Petromusicology are a very,

very devolved lot. Point them in the direction of a Potato and they are

able to keep themselves easily amused for hours and hours.

DEVO 'Recombo DNA' delightfully carries on this Supremely Spudly

Biological Imperative.

It is 2-CDs packed to bursting at the aluminum-wafered edges with 42

PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACKS taken from the effusively illustrated

tapeboxes of the Official DEVO Archive. These recordings cover the period

after their independent Booji Boy singles to the year before they sign

with Enigma Records.

In other words, for the first time anywhere The Archivists are proud to

be able to present to you Alternate Takes, Rough Mixes and Unissued

Masters from the years DEVO were signed to Warner Bros Records. Augmented

with a few scrumptious post-WB-era delights, 'Recombo DNA' collects over

two-and-one-half hours of Prime DEVO Double Helix Fun.

Though 'Recombo DNA' is overflowing with DEVO rarities which will cause

any Devotees ears to uncontrollably drool, The Archivists believe The

Original Unreleased Band-Produced Version of the 'Freedom Of Choice'

album (which comprises Tracks 10 to 18 on Disc One) will initiate the

most overwhelming collector flopsweat. In addition to original versions

of eight 'FOC' tracks that you already know by heart, you will now also

be able to hear two tracks which were originally recorded for that album

but, in the end, were never used.

>From the unissued title track to the astonishing demo of "The Day My Baby

Gave Me A Surprize" to the first official appearance of DOVE, THE BAND OF

LOVE singing Bob Dylan's "Gotta Serve Somebody" to the rock demo version

of "Here To Go" to the Studio Version of the sumptuous "Somewhere With

Devo", 'Recombo DNA' is an exquisite treat for all of your six senses.

DEVO 'Recombo DNA' is available in an individually-numbered limited

edition of 5,000 (five thousand) copies.

It is not distributed to any store on the planet.

It is distributed directly from us to you.

It is available only from The Archivists at the Rhino Handmade Website at:

Track Listing:


'Recombo DNA'

Catalogue Number:

RHM2 7718


Disc 1

[Approximately 78:00 Total Time]

1. Recombo DNA (DEMO) 2:06

2. The Words Get Stuck In My Throat (LIVE) 5:39

3. Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Gettin') (DEMO) 2:28

4. Be Stiff (ALTERNATE MIX) 2:40

5. Pink Pussycat (DEMO) 4:09

6. Goo Goo Itch (ALTERNATE VERSION) 2:26

7. Strange Pursuit (DEMO) 2:35

8. The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprize (DEMO) 3:34

9. Bushwhacked (PROSTHETIC VERSION) 4:39

10. Girl U Want (ALTERNATE VERSION) 3:05

11. Turn Around (ALTERNATE VERSION) 2:14

12. Snowball (ALTERNATE VERSION) 2:52

13. Luv & Such 2:59

14. Gates Of Steel (ALTERNATE VERSION) 3:36

15. Planet Earth (ALTERNATE VERSION) 3:27

16. Whip It (ALTERNATE VERSION) 2:42

17. Cold War (ALTERNATE VERSION) 2:43

18. Time Bomb 3:15

19. That's Pep (ALTERNATE VERSION) 2:42

20. Make Me Dance (LABELED 'MAKE ME MOVE') 2:20

21. Gotta Serve Somebody (LIVE) 6:39 Performed By DOVE, THE BAND OF LOVE

22. I Saw Jesus 1:28

23. Psychology Of Desire (DEMO) 4:24


Disc 2

[Approximately 79:00 Total Time]

1. Beautiful World (DEMO) 3:42

2. Race Of Doom (DEMO) 3:45

3. I Desire (DEMO) 3:20

4. Big Mess (DEMO) 2:49

5. The 4th Dimension (ALTERNATE VERSION ROUGH MIX) 4:26


7. Some Things Don't Change (ROUGH MIX) 3:21

8. Big Adventure (ROUGH MIX) 3:06

9. No Noise (ROUGH MIX) 3:06

10. Love Is Stronger Than Dirt 2:12

11. Faster And Faster 2:52

12. Modern Life 3:07

13. The Only One (DEMO) 4:16 Vocal By TONI BASIL

14. Baby Doll (DEMO) 3:43

15. Some Things Never Change (DEMO) 5:33

16. Plain Truth (DEMO) 4:05

17. Happy Guy (DEMO) 3:40

18. Somewhere With Devo (STUDIO VERSION DEMO LABELED 'SUMWHERE') 18:33

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