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  • I have quite a lot of news and some fotos to be posted. First off, Devo has signed on to host the Fourth Annual Rhino Musical Aptitute Test (RMAT) on May 17 at More Info can be found here. Next, the confirmed track list and date of release for the Power Puff Girls soundtrack has been set. More info can be found here. Third, a new site design is coming. I'm pretty sick of this one. Fourth, on a radio interview Friday, Jerry and Mark are planning to start a web site: CLUB DEVO. It will feature unreleased songs and other tid bits. And Finally, according to this issue of Entertainment Weekly, (April 28-May 5) on page 20, Devo happens to be on the "in" list! Wow, it only took 20 years for them to figure it out. (  Handwritten Letters are also in. 

  • Wow, it's been about 2.5 weeks and no visual updates! Well, I've been working behind the scenes on the new site design (as you see here.) I'm hoping you like the new design, please e-mail me with your thoughts on it. About the new menu; all audio, video, and other files are located in "Downloads." Interviews and other such textual matters are in "Text." The Smart Patrol and Toni Basil sites are located in "Links." All other site related pages are located in "Info." The Toni Basil section is getting updated soon as well. I might add a "featured" section which will have weekly MP3's, photos, and other goodies. On the left is recent Devo and related releases/re-issues. Clicking on the title will open a new window to the companies web site. Click on the small 'info' button for more info regarding the release. I have started a mailing list seeing as there is a lot of Devo activity. It's going to take awhile switching the style to this, but I'm hoping the images will be the first.  05.05.00

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