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This site was first published sometime around August, late August to be exact. It had been on the net for over a year, yet not promoted. Smart eh? Anyway, this info will give you some background on the webmaster, the site, FAQ'S, and some other pointless info that I felt like posting up. -Dominic

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why switch between Real Audio and MP3?
A: Simple. If either the song is not worth recording, uploading, and the time for the user to download in MP3 format, Real Audio seems to be the best choice. It's universal and typically a  7.5 min. song is only 1.6MB; fast upload, fast download, into the recycle bin it goes.

Q: Who/What/Is Telekon?
A: Telekon would be me! And of course you already guessed the masterpiece of an album by Gary Numan.

Q: Do I trade Devo gear?
A: Yes! Anytime you have something to trade, just get in touch with me.

Q: Do you create CD-R's for sale/trade?
A: For sale I don't. (That whole legal thing gets in the way.) Most of the MP3's posted on my site are near-CD quality (96KBs) If you really like the song, just visit through one of the links posted to buy it. I will, on rare occasion, burn a CD for trade. E-Mail me with your question.

Q: Did "Weird Al" Yankovic write a parody of a Devo song?
A: No. Although he did do a style parody. "Dare To Be Stupid" is a brilliant style parody in which he writes a song in the style of the band. (Devo is one of his fav bands.) The video is also a masterpiece. During his 1999 tour, you can see him perform the song live in yellow suits and domes. The song is contained in our archive. Videos to be posted.

A huge thankyou to Fred for some MP3's, Bill for some more MP3's, The Devo Discussion List for helpful Info, Yahoo! for actually listing me, Rhino Records for linking to me, Art for the 2 icons, and all 15 of you who actually took the time to sign my guestbook.

This site was built with MS Notepad, MS PhotoDraw 2000, IE 4.01, Netscape 4.5 and Music Match 4.0, and Real Jukebox.
It looks better in IE, but I hate telling someone to use an MS product.  So, it's up to you. 800X600 is also preferred with at least 16-bit colour. For you people with a slow connection, I haven't forgotten about you! I tried to make this site as sleek as possible without throwing in tons of JavaScripts or huge image maps. Although I found frames to be much better.... just don't use an AOL 3.0 browser. This site was built listening to New Traditionalists over and over and over.....

All links leading to external sites will open in a new window. All large images will open in a new window. Although these colours aren't very Devo, they look pro. which is something I wanted to achieve. Maybe one day I'll switch this blue to lime green. Who knows. Most updates take place weeknights and any period on the weekend. To return home to Planet Earth, just click in the framed menu: "bin sweet bin." This sites main .htm files are hosted on tripod while the bulk of the files are hosted on xoom. you can access this site using
The first URL links to the framed version of Planet Earth
The second links to Planet Earth without frames
The third links just to the framed menu,
and the fourth is a shorter, easier to remember URL. (If my site can't be accessed using that address, it's not my fault. Just use the long URL.

Help!!! I need more Spudly muzika. The following list will cure your need for De-evolutionary Muzik.

Female Bands/Singers

Belinda Carlisle
Jane Wiedlin
Sarah McLachlan
Meredith Brooks
Cyndi Lauper
Lene Lovich
Toni Basil
Twisted & Jaded
The Go-Go's
The Delphines
The Graces
Dixie Chicks
The Bangles

Bands (F/M)

Gary Numan
"Weird Al" Yankovic
They Might Be Giants
Information Society
Fear Factory
Elektric Music
Depeche Mode
Save Ferris
Talking Heads
The Residents
House Of Schock
The B-52's
Mono Puff
Simple Minds
Thomas Dolby
and, last but not least,


Electronic/Ambient/Space Rock

Spiral Realms
Zero Gravity
Anubian Lights
Brian Eno
William Orbit
Atari Teenage Riot
Jean Michel-Jarre
Tangerine Dream
DJ Rap
Klaus Schulze
Ozric Tentacles
Nik Turner
Alec Empire

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