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Fan Sites

DEVO Sites

Site Info

Freedom Of Choice

Smart Patrol

Toni Basil

We're All Devo!

Garr's Devo

The Devo Print Archive

Mute Web


The Devo FAQ

Devo Bootleg Archive


DEVO Shrine

Dress Up Devo


Oh, No! It's Devo!

Monica's Devo Page

Q/A Page

The Devo Site

FTP Access on Muzak

Smart Patrol Info, Photos, Links, and Videos

Toni Basil Photos and Info

Home of the Devo Webring, Lyrics, Midis

Great Collection of Cover Images and Lyrics

Contains Archive as well as the Brainwasher

Sadly no longer updated...

Home of  a huge set of links, all files corrupt

Great Site, Loads of Info, Disregard Lewis Interview

Archive Not Active, Awesome Fotos Check It Out!!!

Small amount of info, cool photos, Tiberian Sun Site

Terrible Site - Its like he's missing the whole point!

Great Site! Dress Up Mark using the flash plug-in

Reviews 3 Devo Sites, I only got 2 1/2 Spuds!

What a cool guy. Visit his site.

You Might Be A Devo Fan If...

Small Site, not much

A few video and audio clips in Real format

Online Stores With Devo Items


Infinite Zero Records 


Devo shirts for sale.

CDs, both domestic and imported, t-shirts, videos

Rare Devo stuff. You know how it werks...

The people who re-released 4 Devo cds.

Similar cd store that includes a list of bootlegs

Quite Official, Buy Devo Goodies...

Domes, Posters, and Buttons Oh My!

Hear New Devo Tracks!!!

Official Company Sites


Be Stiff Records

Inscape Home Page

Hollywood Online

Infinite Zero Records

Discovery Records

Mutato Muzika


Indie Record Company

They brought us Adventures of the Smart Patrol

Mark Mothersbaugh's Works in Films

Order the 4 IZ re-releases directly from them.

The guys that gave us AOTSP

Home of DEVO, and Mark Mothersbaugh's Company

Devo Clubs, Mailing Lists, & Discussion Groups



SpudTalk Discussion


Yahoo! Club

Discussion Group that works through e-mail

Misc. Non-Devo Related Sites


Breakfast At Tiffany's

No-Man's Land

Peta Online

Franka Potente

Animal Farm



Excellent Site.

Official Lene Lovich Site

People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals

Run Lola Run!

In-Depth Info


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