Interstate '82 & Three Never Before Heard Devo Tracks

Interstate '82 and Devo Take Gamers Back to the 80s

Three Never-Before-Heard Devo Tracks

To Be Included in the Music Score for Interstate '82

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Taking gamers back to the

decade of decadence when new wave ruled the airwaves, the renowned rock group

Devo will debut three original, never-before-heard music tracks in

Activision, Inc.'s (Nasdaq: ATVI) highly anticipated auto-combat PC CD-ROM

game Interstate '82. Originally recorded in 1982, the three songs feature

the rhythmic techno-pop sounds that came to be known as Devo's signature

style. The three songs, "Modern Life," "One Dumb Thing" and "Faster And

Faster," immerse players in a vivid alternate '80s universe that features

high-flying action and exotic sports cars. Additionally, Devo co-founder and

lead singer Mark Mothersbaugh's music house, Mutato Muzika, composed the

game's musical score.

Scheduled for release later this fall, the sequel to the critically acclaimed

PC game, Interstate '76, Interstate '82 places gamers in the center of a

mind-bending conspiracy that brings together the oval office, Central

American revolutionaries and would-be presidential assassins. Multi-vehicle

gameplay pits players against each other in cars and on foot as they fight

through complex environments such as mines, sewer tunnels and a unique

depiction of Las Vegas.

Gamers will mount dozens of explosive new weapons on to '80s vehicles from

exotic sports cars to American clunkers as they seek out and destroy the evil

forces lurking at a super secret military base, Area 49. The game challenges

players to thwart the efforts of an ultra-secret government faction

determined to plunge the nation into chaos.

A completely new game engine makes possible additional gameplay depth,

sophisticated AI, and incredibly dense 3D levels. Innovative vehicle-mounted

weapons such as Carbide Cutters -- sawblades, LARS - the Light Amplified

Reflector Satellite beam of death from orbit, and CHIP -- the Car Launched

Hyper-caustic Inhalant Projectile green gas, aid in the destruction or

disabling of enemy vehicles. During combat, players may exit their vehicles,

canvass the battlefield on foot and jump into a better vehicle. The

hardware-only engine affords rapid frame rates and adds dimensions of realism

with environmental effects such as fog, rain, thunder and snow. The

multiplayer component features dynamic joining, new gameplay modes and team

cooperative play using combinations of human and AI opponent drivers.

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Activision maintains publishing and development operations in the US, Canada,

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subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium.

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