Biological Report

[Taken from the SHOUT membership packet]

DEVO BIO(logical) Report Sheet

Alan Myers
Childhood diseases: Mumps, measles, Chicken pox, Whooping cough, dyslexia, dropsy and polio of the left ear. Age 12 - broken collar bone (left). Age 16 - broken fingers on the right hand. Age 17 - broken heart (Darcy).
Personality profile: Industrious, hardworking, introverted and deeply philosophic, Alan is a practitioner of the art of Ty-Chi and an expert on the science of sports. When not keeping the beat, he sets his sites on the big hoop in the sky. When faced with a choice between a day on the court or a night on the town, he would most certainly reply "Give me the ball."
Bob Mothersbaugh (Bob #1)
Childhood diseases: Mumps, measles, chicken pox and pink eye. Age 11 - appendicitis. Age 14 - broken left arm. Age 18 - whiplash. Age 24 - whipped by the lash of love.
Personality profile: Clever, mysterious, sensitive and always circling in from left field, Bob is forever prepared to spring into action - musical or otherwise. Nicknamed "clown" by his friends when he was in high school, Bob developed the rudiments of his present day volatile stage antics by crashing cars on the backroads of Akron, Ohio for fun and relaxation. He was born in the year of the Monkey.
Bob Casale (Bob #2)
Childhood diseases: Mumps, measles, chicken pox, cholic and rheumatic fever. Age 9 - tonsilectomy. Age 12 - broken left foot. Age 16 - broken right leg. Age 19 - broken into by matrimony (license expired).
Personality profile: Forthright, honest and technically inclined, Bob left his position as radiologist and joined DEVO, rebelling against the medieval standards and lack of ethics in his former high-paying profession. Reputed bouts with delusional fevers left Bob with a mistaken identity that he was Kirk Douglas. It took him years of experimenting with many girls to find out his true identity - John Travolta!
Gerald V. Casale
Childhood diseases: Mumps, measles, chicken pox and neurodermatitis. No broken bones. Age 7 - hair burned off by a hot pan of spaghetti. Age 16 - teeth knocked out by a sub-human delinquent nick-named "Baby Huey" at Roosevelt High School in Kent, Ohio.
Personality profile: Witty, cynical, analytical and unsatiated, Gerald is a pissed-off spud with a plan. Songwriter, video-director and closet race-car driver, he works with Mark and the rest of DEVO on an idea that he will never live down.
Mark Mothersbaugh
Childhood diseases: None. Age 4 - struck head on swing set. Age 5 - struck head on concrete floor. Age 6 - struck head on school desk. Age 7 - fitted for prescription lenses.
Personality profile: Brilliant, talented and persevering to the point of ruthless obsession, Mark began playing the organ in church at the age of 8. To this day, he harbors a resentment at being born before he was ready to leave the peaceful bliss-bubble of pre-birth. Alias Boogie Boy, the infantile spirit of de-evolution, he views the world as a vast Japanese toy to be systematically dismantled and hopefully re-assembled.

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