From Delphi"s Music Fandom (08/19/96)

D E V O Still Around And Busy

DEVO has been busier than most think. Mark Mothersbaugh has been doing soundtrack and CD-ROM work, and the band has been playing some dates, most notably Lollapalooza. The upcoming CD-ROM virtual reality game is called Adventures of the Smart Patrol  on Inscape, due out some time this month. There are two Devo songs getting airplay from the soundtrack of the movie Supercop. One is a cover of Nine Inch Nail's "Head Like A Hole"  and also the title track from the movie. They are putting finishing touches on a video of the January, 1996 performance at Sundance Film Festival (Park City, Utah.) And, last but not least, news from Discovery Records is the band is writing songs for a new album and plans to tour in 1997.

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