OnlineHost:	*** You are in "The Odeon". ***
Max Warner:	Jerry and mark are ready! They are under the screen name
Max Warner:	Lets start!!!
Question:	Where's Tony???
Question:	Whats the is the common male fantasy?
DEVOlive96:	Being able to do like dogs do.
DEVOlive96:	The emphasis is on common.
Question:	Question for Mark M. Other than the Liquid TV credits, what else
	        have you been doing?
DEVOlive96:	A lot of tv and film and interactive.  I have a new company
	        Mutato Muzika.
Max Warner:	Question: I love devo when is thenext album due
DEVOlive96:	We respond to radio telepathic messages.. and we're waiting
                one that tells us to do it again.
DEVOlive96:	It would be great if some PUPPET BOYS at some record label 
                made DEVO an offer.
Question:	What is Alan up to these days?  I miss him.
DEVOlive96:	He's returned to his original job as an aluminum siding
                applicator.  We miss him too.
Question:	Is Devo back on Warner Brothers records?
DEVOlive96:	If we are, they are keeping it a secret from us.
DEVOlive96:	However, it would makie sense since they have our entire back
Question:	Question(s) for the group: Will you tour?  With the whole group?
DEVOlive96:	If the right circumstance came up.. absoultely,
DEVOlive96:	It would be our version of KISS (as Mark puts it).
DEVOlive96:	We promise it would be entertaining and not retro.
Question:	Could you tell us about the Smart Patrol band? Is it a real
                band?  Will there be a CD?
DEVOlive96:	Thety are not ready for CD's, but they will be,
DEVOlive96:	The SMART Patrol are DEVO the next generation.
DEVOlive96:	They'll be around for EF.
Question:	I used to get picked on in high school 78-82 for liking Devo,
	        because everyone said they
Question:	were gay.  I didn't care, but could you shed some light on that
DEVOlive96:	Suck my d*%k.
DEVOlive96:	DEVO are asexual.. and anybody with half a brain knows that.
Question:	With 80's new wave retro being so big now are any of the 
                members producing new acts?
DEVOlive96:	Well, we produced the SMART Patrol on the cd rom game the
	        Adventures of the Smart Patrol, for the
DEVOlive96:	band and leaed characters "The Smart Patrol."
Question:	Devo has always claimed that DeEvolution was "very real." 
                However, is it good or bad? Are
Question:	we actually regressing to a former state, or just getting worse.
                We deEvolution help?
DEVOlive96:	De-evolution is beyond good or bad.  It is simply a matter of
DEVOlive96:	The worst  thing is to be uptight about it.
DEVOlive96:	Once you decide not to be uptihgt about it, you just go with
                it.  You choose your mutations
DEVOlive96:	carefully.  YOu ride it like a wave.
DEVOlive96:	We just happen to be lucky enough to be living during a period
                of history where everything is
DEVOlive96:	devolving.
DEVOlive96:	I mean look at your choices of candidates for instance, the
DEVOlive96:	had to go out of their way with a choice so ludicrous that it
                makes Clinton look great.
Question:	Hey Mark/Gerry, you guys have lately got some looong overdue
                recongntion (Sundance,
Question:	Loolla, Smart Patrol, etc).  Do you give a poop that the
                "mainstream" is finally giving you yer
Question:	due?
DEVOlive96:	It would be nice to make some money.
DEVOlive96:	We kind of created a devolved jewel and the media somehow
DEVOlive96:	turned it into a turd and rubbed our noses in it.
DEVOlive96:	But, things are starting to smell a little better.
DEVOlive96:	I think we get more airplay now, than when we had a record
Question:	what role do you think you played in bringing "New Wave" music
                to the masses?
DEVOlive96:	That's exactally what we did.
DEVOlive96:	We were the do-it-yourself band.
DEVOlive96:	We kind of did performance art and alternative music before
		those words were used to describe things.
DEVOlive96:	And we did it all from Akron OHIO.
DEVOlive96:	We even glued our own 45 record covers together in Mark's
		living room.
DEVOlive96:	We tried to make the world safe, that is the music world safe,
		for new ideas.
Question:	By the way, Mark, I love the stuff you did for "Pee-Wee's
		Playhouse" and "Rugrats"!  Very
Question:	atmospheric and highly interesting!  Will you be doing anything
		similar in the future?
DEVOlive96:	They are making more Rugrats.. and they are putting Pee-Wee's
		back on the air.
DEVOlive96:	They'll maybe have DEVO redo the Rugrats theme.
DEVOlive96:	Rugrats theme... that is.
Question:	Has Devo recovered from "The Big Ream" of early years?
DEVOlive96:	Yea... we have recovered.
DEVOlive96:	I never did what I did with DEVO by accident
DEVOlive96:	I feel like Jake Lamada from Raging Bull, when he tells Sugar
		Ray Robinson..
DEVOlive96:	"You never knocked me down Ray... you never rocked me down."
Question:	do you think Akron is a good place for a family to grow up?
DEVOlive96:	hahahaha....
DEVOlive96:	It's a good place to be out of.
DEVOlive96:	Look what it did for Jeffrey Dahmer and his family, and High
DEVOlive96:	Akron is boot camp to the world.
DEVOlive96:	No attrocity anywhere has anything on AAkron, Ohio.
Question:	Is Bob Dole daddy-know-it-all in disguise?
DEVOlive96:	That's a very good question.
DEVOlive96:	Bob DOle is a better Daddy-know-it-all then we could have
		imagined.  He's the epitome.
DEVOlive96:	We are not prejudiced against anyone witha physical
DEVOlive96:	However, that does not give Bob Dole the right to voist his
		pain on this great nation.
Question:	What bands are you guys into currently...besides yourselves of
DEVOlive96:	We want to know what he does witht hat pen...
DEVOlive96:	Let's see, SPONGE, Psychotica, everybody on AMerican Records.
DEVOlive96:	There are a lot of great bands finally!  This is a good time.
DEVOlive96:	Mark:  They all kind of suck, I just listen to old Plastics
Max Warner:	Question: Have you or do you still induge in mind altering
DEVOlive96:	If youa re talkign about Psychedelics - I'm too devolved now,
		too fragile.
DEVOlive96:	But, as Mark says "Everything is a mind-altering substance at
		this point."  We live in a chemical
DEVOlive96:	world.
DEVOlive96:	Practice mind-comtraption.  It rings the brain out like a
		sponge so that things i parook of years ago,
DEVOlive96:	come back to the surface.
Max Warner:	question: Why did you choose to cover head liek a hole?
DEVOlive96:	It was random choice.
DEVOlive96:	Because, it had words like GOD and Money and BOW DOWN.
DEVOlive96:	It's the perfect AMerican song.
Question:	Where did the song title Jocko-Homo come from?
DEVOlive96:	From B.F. Shattuck.
DEVOlive96:	He wrote the pamphlet "Jako Homo: Heavenbound King of the
DEVOlive96:	In which he made the case that Jako HOmo was at the bottom of
		the evolutionary chart, not the top.
DEVOlive96:	That was published in 1928.
Question:	What, where and when with the cd-rom and I heard something about
		a soundtrack. Is it true?
DEVOlive96:	It's possibly true.
DEVOlive96:	The songs exist for the soundtrack, but so far, we haven't
		seen that deal.
DEVOlive96:	The CD Rom comes out August 27th.
Question:	Marxist-Leninist ideology focuses on the abhorence of
		capitalistic economics.  Your music
Question:	has been associated that way as well.  Why?
DEVOlive96:	Somebody's got to root for the underdog.
DEVOlive96:	The commies had good ideas, but typical of huuman natutre,
		they blew it with the practice.
Question:	I have heard about Mark's "vault" containing rare DEVO cuts.
		When will these be heard?
DEVOlive96:	Jerry and I first started in 1970.. and there's literally
		100's of hours of DEVO experiments.
DEVOlive96:	From all over the globe, from different times.
DEVOlive96:	10000's of hours....
DEVOlive96:	1000's of hours...
Question:	Any women in DEVO now?
DEVOlive96:	We've all had at least one or more sex changes.
DEVOlive96:	A few of us have had three or four.
DEVOlive96:	What do you mean "in DEVO"?
Question:	have either of you ever been abducted by aliens?
DEVOlive96:	Yea. .that's what happened when we signed our record deal.
DEVOlive96:	However, we didn't know it at the time.
DEVOlive96:	The aliens are among us, and they look like us.
Question:	I love the smart patrol.  My name is also Tanya.  I feel there
		is a connection.  Can I
Question:	join up?
DEVOlive96:	Absolutely!
DEVOlive96:	Tanya - What can you do for the Smart Patrol?
SPINmag:	Hi!
SPINmag:	I can De-evole and Re-Evolve on command
DEVOlive96:	Where do you live?
SPINmag:	Brooklyn
SPINmag:	It's something we learn quickly here
DEVOlive96:	Brooklyn?  Oklay.. what is your telephone number:?
SPINmag:	Maybe I'll have to email that to you, ok?
DEVOlive96:	OKAY>> my e-mail is
DEVOlive96:	care of JERRY DEVO.  That way they know it is for me.
DEVOlive96:	Thanks Tanya... we must move on.
SPINmag:	I sent it to you at DEVOlive and I will send there as well.
Question:	I think you should construct an elaborate set of robots and let
		them tour for you.
DEVOlive96:	That's a great idea, but it'd would be easier to do it like
DEVOlive96:	It's easier to start your way with a huuman and move to a
Question:	What are the missing lyrics to "Jocko Homo"?
DEVOlive96:	The missing lyrics?
DEVOlive96:	Off-hand, I can't remember them.
DEVOlive96:	We could put them on the website next week, and you could
		check that.
Question:	Is DEVO the RESIDENTS?
DEVOlive96:	The Mutato website is :
DEVOlive96:	DEVO is not the residents, but The Residents are DEVO.
Question:	will you guys ever make a movie, you know, like the wall, or
		that type of thing?
DEVOlive96:	We've been trying to for 15  years.
DEVOlive96:	A fence maybe.. or a window.  We could do a window.
DEVOlive96:	Maybe before we're put in a senior citizen care home, we'll
		make that movie.
Question:	Mark: besides music, are you involved in other parts of the
		movie business. Such as props?
DEVOlive96:	I've been a prop before.
Question:	will boogie boy be on the cd-rom? (we like the octave organ!)
DEVOlive96:	Yes!  It's Optigon Organ.
DEVOlive96:	Boogie Boy is a featured character in The Adventures of The
		Smart PAtrol.
DEVOlive96:	In fact his "my struggle" gallery is the reward for a user
		playing the game in an optimal fashion.
Question:	...I couldn't make it to 'palooza' - have you guys gained any
		weight yet ?
DEVOlive96:	NO!
DEVOlive96:	That's just an illusion.  We've been watching Jack LaLane
		videos for the last 5 years.
DEVOlive96:	We're Body Budddies.
Question:	how old are you guys?
DEVOlive96:	Old enough to know better.
DEVOlive96:	We shoed up on the planet not long after the A_Bomb was
		dropped on Hiroshima.
DEVOlive96:	We're all older than Christ.
Question:	Who will Mark and Jerry vote for in this presidential election?
DEVOlive96:	Given the choices, voting is irresponsible.
DEVOlive96:	From Mark: It's a useless gesture, so get out there and vote.
DEVOlive96:	Luckily NAZIS like Pat Robertson can't win.  So don'worry.
Question:	I read in a newspaper article that humanity is actually,
		literally, DEVOlving because of
Question:	the root of all evil, the television.  What do you make of this?
DEVOlive96:	That's downright silly.
DEVOlive96:	The television is probably one of the few agents that are
		counteracting devolution on the planet.
DEVOlive96:	Television is a benevolent mirror.
Question:	Should we be teaching De-Evolution in schools?
DEVOlive96:	Absolutely!
DEVOlive96:	I would be willing to teach a university course for one year
		in any instituion of higher
DEVOlive96:	learning that would  hire me.
Question:	how do you feel about having one of your videos on beavis and
		butthead? -Jen
DEVOlive96:	It's too bad that there's only ONE video on B&B>  The problem
		is, that the things
DEVOlive96:	they say aren't that funny, because we've already made fun of
		them ourselves.
Question:	If I were to want to send you money or fan mail or candy (Mmm!
		Sweets!) how could I go
Question:	about doing that?
DEVOlive96:	Yuo would send to the DEVO fanclub at
Question:	Hey we are two teen girls that love sex.................but our
		boyfriends keep turnin us
Question:	down! Who is wrong? Why arent they ready? They are supposed to
		presure us!
DEVOlive96:	I don't believe you!
DEVOlive96:	That's from Jerry.
DEVOlive96:	However, if it'
DEVOlive96:	it's true, three ways are best.
Max Warner:	Time for a few more questions!
Question:	Mark, the supposition has been that *you* were not particularly
		interested in being a part
Question:	of Devo any more. What changed your mind?
DEVOlive96:	That's incorrect.
DEVOlive96:	I wasn't interested in being part of what our choices were at
		the time.
Question:	The other day I heard "Whip It" in a TV advertisement.  Are you
		selling out?
DEVOlive96:	We signed a record deal with Warner Bros,. in 1978.
Question:	Who would you consider a New Traditionist today?
DEVOlive96:	Good question....
DEVOlive96:	We may still be the only NEw Traditionalist's that there are.
DEVOlive96:	I hear that TOOL may be, but I have not verified that yet.
DEVOlive96:	Thank you SPUDS! DOODEE now for the future!
DEVOlive96:	Mutate don't Stagnate!
DEVOlive96:	duty know for the future...
Max Warner:	Thats all. Rember check out The web sites for Warner Brothers,
		American recordings, Inscape
Max Warner:	and Mutado for the latets info on DEVO. Thanks and goodbye
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