From The Sci-Fi Channel (8/19/96)

The Anti-Gravity Interview

From: Jonathan C. Dunn (Jonathan C. Dunn)

(The interviewer asked a question like 'How do you see yourselves?')

Mark: Concerned citizens reporting the news of de-evolution.

AGR: Devo's always had a somewhat futuristic image. Have you been influenced by animation or comics?

Mark: Absolutely not at all...No - (laughs)

[Clip of 'Whip It']

'I'll tell you something. The red hats, the energy domes that we used to wear were inspired by a 'Little Lulu' comic where there was a martian who came down and he had a 'cancellator helmet' that was very similar-looking.

[Shot of Little Lulu holding what looks like an arch of sod over her head as rocks bounce off]

'We even owe the name of the the band to a comic. There was a 'Wonder Woman' comic where we first saw a mad scientist who had an 'evolution/devolution machine' where he'd push it forward and somebody who was inside the machine - their head would look like a lightbulb, then he'd pull the switch back and then their head would shrink back to normal and then they would devolve into an ape.

'I definitely still read comic books. I have a comic book collection actually. The things that I'm most drawn to are mostly Japanese animation. I like the books.

['Art vs. Commerce' in big green letters]

'We thought that 'sound and music' [sic] would destroy rock and roll and we could move on to a new art form, but instead rock and roll co-opted 'sound and vision' and just turned out something called MTV which to me is just like one big -

AGR: Well, music doesn't exist anymore.

Mark: Well, it's just a big commercial for the record companies.

AGR: Who in your opinion in the world of rock-and-roll is the most like a comic book hero?

Mark: Well I'd say ya know...I don't know if you remember them but from about ten years ago there was this band called 'The Archies'. I think they would have made an excellent comic book.

[Shot of Archie comic]

'The thing about rock-and-roll is that it's all 'Spinal Tap'. It's ALL 'Spinal Tap' - it's all ridiculous - it's all funny on some level.

[Clip of 'Beautiful World' with Boojie Boy]


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