From Indelible Ink (??/??/95)

Gerald Casale Interviewed

What are your creative goals for working in this medium?
We can now finally see our ideas and visions come to fruition. Multimedia allows us to articulate the whole Devo world and philosophy. We can create an experience that gets right to the root of it, namely, that we think we know whats going on, but no one actually does. Everyone has one conception of whats happening, when its actually something else entirely. In our performances and videos, we always tried to create complete worlds based on our philosophies. If the technology had been available, we would have done this ten years ago, because weve always thought in this manner.
Why did you pursue this project as a game?
When I looked at this medium I immediately saw two things: One was the high cost of the products. The other was the opportunity for true interactivity. If I were to just create a dead museum piece on the Devo group that was signed to Warner in the 70s and 80s, then I would really be selling our creative concepts short. Also, if I was buying a disc for $40, then I would want a completely new experience. Thats what you get with Smart Patrol. You get plunged into a cracked, deadly farcical, complete world. Its really a maelstrom. There are many stories with a main spine. Your job as a nubie squire character is to track down the stories to find out whats going on. There are many tools for interacting with the world and everything impacts everything else. For instance, if you drive around in the Spudmobile too much, youll spend all your digicash buying energy. Your navigation can be affected by catching a disease or running into the villain, Tricky Monkey. If you survive these obstacles, you get to defeat the clock. Then you go back into the world and discover that what you thought was the story was not the real story at all.
Do you have plans for releases beyond Adventures of the Smart Patrol?
Designed into the template is the possibility for further adventures. When youve defined this world and the relationships between the characters, then you can bring new events and issues into the story. We feel that if youre going to do this at all, go through the effort and expense of producing one of these games, it should be open-ended. So weve created Smart Patrol as an episodic adventure.
What has been your experience working in this medium?
Its very involved and often tedious, but very challenging. Now I actually have to make good on a lot of the old raps I had.
Given the choice, would you rather be directing multimedia projects or performing?
Its not really necessary to choose between the two. With Adventures of the Smart Patrol, well be able to bring to life the strong points of the original Devo: the philosophy, the cultural satire, and the forward thinking. I think Smart Patrol will inspire a group of kids who will be the next generation Devo. People will want to go see the Smart Patrol perform, contact them on the net and so forth. Ultimately, the senile old members of the original Devo will just be behind the scenes, pulling the puppet strings.
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