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September 16, 2000
Cleveland, Ohio

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to the Devo convention

Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! will be reissued in mid September and pressed on high quality 180gram heavyweight vinyl, thick sleeve, wrapped in a stickered PVC sleeve and limited to 500 copies. The price will be 15.99 and can be ordered from your local record emporium or direct from
Stay tuned for more info.

Mark & Jerry to produce soundtrack to 'Power Puff Girls' film being released this summer. Devo will contribute one brand new track. Soundtrack to be released July 4th.

Mark Mothersbaugh to score 'Rocky & Bullwinkle' Movie. More info and official site to open.

The Anthology has been set to May9th. More info TBA

More news in the "box set". It's not a box set. It's a 2-CD Anthology. Click Here for tracks.

Small, almost pointless info- Weird Al has released a live video which includes Dare To Be Stupid! This performance is truly spectacular.

DEVO Box Set to be released! Yes, Rhino is planning on releasing a 4 CD Box set of DEVO, 1CD being rare tracks, another being a full concert never before released. (Im guessing this release will look like the Ramones Box Set Rhino released earlier this year. The planned release date is March 14, 2000

Mark Mothersbaugh in Tampa Florida! Photo on display, more photos and info to be released.

Casual Tonalities Releases "The Rugrats Movie Score'' CD, Composed by Mark Mothersbaugh; Klasky Csupo's Record Label Slates Nov. 16 Release in Time for Holiday Shopping. Click here for more info.

Warner Brothers Reissues New Traditionalists! Click Here To Order This New Australian Release!

Rhino Records Reissues DEV-O Live! 22 Track Single CD. Click Here For More Info. Click Here To Order.

Rhino Releases NEW Mark Mothersbaugh Christmas CD!!! Click Here For More Info.  Click Here To Order CD.  

Rhino Records will be releasing a Devo CD (Possibly a Double CD) of rarities and maybe new material by either Devo or Mark Mothersbaugh. There is also a chance of it being a Christmas Disc. More info will be released October 10th.

Mark Mothersbaugh recently scored the music to the Activision Game "Interstate 82" The game will showcase 3 songs never before heard that were recorded in 1982. The songs titles: "Modern Life," "One Dumb Thing" and "Faster And Faster." More info can be found here.

Mark Mothersbaugh on "Mystery Men" Soundtrack - Click here for Song Sample - Full version available in Audio Section. Click Here.

Mark Mothersbaugh interviewed in "Weird Al" Behind the Music Special. Video to be released.

Mark Mothersbaugh featured in 3 Launch CD-ROMS. Video to be posted.

In "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" Dr. Evil makes a reference to DEVO:

"When a problem comes along, you must zip it."

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