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This gallery grows as often as I come across Devo lps. This gallery will only contain rarities, pic discs, etc., To submit info about the images or to submit your own image, please E-Mail me. (Links are not active just yet.)

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Be Stiff Single

Mechanical Man Single

Satisfaction Single

Be Stiff Single 2


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"Satisfaction" Marble Single

Jocko Homo on Booji Boy Records UK Release of "Q:Are We Not Men?" Note: This is not the Pic Disc Q: Are We Not Men? Marble LP


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Beautiful World B/W Nu-tra Speaks Pic-Disc

Girl U Want Single

Promo Single Containing Re-Mixes of That's Good and Speed Racer Oh, No! It's DEVO Japanese Release (Vinyl)


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That's Good Pic-Disc

Martini Ranch CD Cover

Original Gatefold Single on Booji Boy Records

3" CD Single


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Import CD Single Whip It 45 Single w/postcard    

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