CDS- Misc.

• Are We Not Men? We Are Demo! (xtian rock comp. w/spuds in domes on cvr) (REX 41030-2)
• Del Rubio Triplets “Whip It”
• Moby “Come On Baby” CD single w/ Whip It (death metal version) UK
• Martini Ranch “Labouring Man” w/ Mark and Bob producing
• Neuromancer Video Game w/ Devo tunes featured
• We Are Not Devo tribute comp (CR 003)
• 10 Year Olds w/ Suckerpads comp (CDR custom made)
• Nirvana “Incesticide” w/ “Turnaraound”
• Def Dames “2 Large” w/ “Whip It”
• Mashin’ Potatoes (ska tribute) (BH4003)
• Robert Palmer-Girl U Want (CD single) (724388152525) UK


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