Club DEVO will debut at in mid June. Club DEVO is an animated
lounge populated by an ever-changing roster of ultra-exciting musical acts.
Currently scheduled to appear are The Big Dirty Farmers, Booji Boy, Skunkman
Fly, The Smart Patrol, The Sex Dolls, and Parcheezi. General Boy will
introduce the bands. The songs are all new and original DEVO recordings that
will be downloadable in the MP3 format only from Shockwave. Jerry Casale and
Mark Mothersbaugh finished the first song today "It's All Good". It's an
awesome tune - something completely unexpected. The first episode is
currently in production. Animation will feature funny, dark, and sick humor
that you expect from DEVO. Animation will also feature hidden messaging
that only hard-core DEVO-heads will "get".

I'll keep you updated so strap on your energy dome.

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