Spud Talk has planned a tentative 2nd DEVOtional to be held at the

same Cleveland, O-Hi-O location as last year, on Saturday August 18th,

with some guests/bands yet to be confirmed. Duty Now For The Future is

scheduled to perform, Rev. Ivan Stang of the Church Of The SubGenius

will rant, and we plan on inviting General Boy. We haven't been able

to get confirmation from The General yet, since he's out of town right

now, but he will return soon. We'll also remind him of the pledge he

made last year to have a guest accompany him to this year's event (most

likely Jim Mothersbaugh). As it stands, it is unlikely that DEVO

will participate or contribute this year. Ticket prices will also be

the same as last time $20.00, but I am NOT taking orders yet.

At this point, in order to move forward with the plan, I need to know

who is "s e r i o u s l y" interested in attending.


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